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February 2010

5 Mistakes Small Businesses Shouldn’t Make Online

February 28, 2010

Great information about what NOT to do if you are using the Internet to market your retail business.  It is not specific to embroidery/apparel decoration businesses, but the information applies to NNEP members and independent business owners. Share this:

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Make A Referral Week, March 8-12

February 27, 2010

Here is information about an interesting program, Make a Referral Week… The intent of this program is the generate activity across the country at the level of small businesses, in Everytown, USA.    Share this:

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What to do in this economy?

February 26, 2010

Here are some thoughts from one of our NNEP preferred vendors, Sal Lucchese, president of Tex Inc… I think he has some excellent points: What to do in a down economy? Well this is the million dollar question. Share this:

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Fall Newsletter Posted

Thumbnail image for Fall Newsletter Posted February 24, 2010

We just discovered there was a glitch with the Fall 2009 issue of the NNEP newsletter…. It is posted in the Members Only area of the NNEP website and you can read and/or download it now. Share this:

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Thoughts on Living “Fully”

February 19, 2010

It is so easy to get lost in the daily details… Are the kids up?  Someone forgot to set their alarm… Hi sleepy slug Did everyone eat breakfast?  Share this:

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YEAH Stitchin’ Chicks of Texas!

February 19, 2010

We just received a call from the ladies in Texas, Penny McClurg of Blue Stitchin’ Chick and Lynda Morgan of Pink Stitchin’ Chick and we are so excited for them!   Share this:

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NNEP Staffer makes the News!

February 13, 2010

Everyone that attends NNEP conferences and trade shows, or Embroidery Mart, knows that NNEP is a family business.  In fact, we draft extended family members to help at these events.  Many of you know “Uncle Tommy,” who has worked nearly every NNEP event for the past 10+ years. Share this:

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How to Spend a Winter Day

February 10, 2010

One of the office beasts, Princess, clearly knows how to spend a bitter cold and windy winter day… She is camped out on the corner of my desk, sound asleep… I never knew that a cat could snore! Share this:

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Automatic Hooping Device Video

February 5, 2010

If you have ever experienced sore hands, thumbs, wrists or arms caused by a marathon embroidery session, which requires a marathon hooping session as well usually, you may want to check into a pneumatic hooping device for your embroidery business. Share this:

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Nucom/Burk’s Bay Joins NNEP Supplier Program

February 3, 2010

We are pleased to welcome Nucom/Burk’s Bay to the NNEP supplier program.  They have a great line of apparel.  Their member offer for a sample jacket is awesome!  Share this:

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