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February 2012

Are You on the Embroidery Directory?

February 29, 2012

Have you created a listing for your company on the NNEP’s Embroidery Directory yet?  NNEP created the Embroidery Business Directory to help consumers find local embroiderers and apparel decorators.  People want logos and names put on stuff and they need an easy way to find businesses that can do it for them…  So, NNEP’s EmbroideryNetwork.com [...]

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Pinterest? I’m Interested!

February 27, 2012

Pinterest.com is a new player in the social media arena, at least it is new to me.  Visualize a standard cork bulletin board, and then add a virtual component and you have pinterest.com.  Facebook is about forming social connections; pinterest is a way to bookmark your favorite sites, articles and images visually rather than in [...]

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Less = More

February 11, 2012

Planning for success, the success of your business in 2012, is a massive undertaking.  It requires a lot of time and a lot of effort – and quite frankly – it can be very intimidating to think, “Wow, I need to sit down and think about the big picture for my business.” In fact, it [...]

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Organize Your Business for Success – NNEP can Help!

February 9, 2012

If you are frustrated with the managing of your business or you secretly wish the pain of being overwhelmed would go away, then I want to tell you about an exciting opportunity for you as a member of NNEP! My friend, Val Low, from Path Clear Business Organizing, has agreed to share her expertise in [...]

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Embroidery Trade Show listed in Impressions Magazine NEWS

February 7, 2012

I always feel like such a “kid in the candy store” when NNEP events are announced in the industry magazines. Not sure why, it is just such a fun, giddy feeling. Here we are in Impressions Magazine’s online publication. I love the process as we build these events. And I am really looking forward to [...]

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Yes, It’s Worth It!

February 7, 2012

If you make money with your embroidery machine or any apparel decoration equipment or want to, there are at least three great reasons to attend a live event in the embroidery/apparel decoration industry:  The knowledge and training you get at the event.  Simply put, it is where you learn the cutting edge stuff before it [...]

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It Takes Persistence

February 1, 2012

Sales is hard.  It always has been.  It always will be.  There, I said it.  Moving on…  Nope, there is no shortcut.  There is no “easy” button.  Earning sales takes persistence, and embroidery and apparel decorating sales is no different. That being said, how can you achieve success in your embroidery business?  Once more, it [...]

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