Embroidery Stabilizers Demystified!

Embroidery Stabilizers Demystified helps YOU create awesome embroidery, every time!”

When you do it right, your embroidery looks amazing.  When you do it wrong, not only have you wasted your time, you may have ruined the item!  How you stabilize the fabric before you embroider it largely determines the quality of your final product.  Bypass expensive mistakes with the expertise provided in Embroidery Stabilizers Demystified!  Become an embroidery master, learn the secrets of embroidery stabilizers.

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This ecourse includes:

40+ pages of practical know-how and how-to information

Essential embroidery backing solutions

Easy steps to selecting the correct embroidery stabilizers

Full-color chart of the most popular embroidery stabilizers

Resources for “where to buy”

4 videos

3 audio interviews

Master template

…and more!


“This eCourse is incredible!  It is easy to understand, yet detailed and precise.  The information provided is invaluable to any embroiderer.  I have been in business for over 8 years and wish there had been something like this available when I first started out.  It would have saved me time and money.”

- Michele Murray, Elegant Thread Creations, etc.


Embroidery Stabilizers Demystified explains the different types of embroidery backings, and on what types of products they are used.  With these recommendations, you will know what to buy and how to use them effectively.  Discover the most commonly used embroidery stabilizers, and why these embroidery backings work so well.


“I found it most helpful that you thoroughly explained the reasons for using stabilizers – that will go a long way to helping users understand why the different ones are used, that they aren’t inconsequential. I appreciate the advice to keep records rather than relying upon memory and then repeating costly mistakes. I found it a good, readable, informational guide.”

- Jeanne Fitzsimons, FitzStitch Embroidery


Watch a quick video to learn the secret for removing embroidery cut-away backings without snipping the shirt and never ruin another garment while you are removing backing.  Download a template to keep track of your embroidery backing successes, so that you can repeat those successes.  Watch a video on the best way to remove tear-away embroidery stabilizers so that you do not ruin your embroidery designs.

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Enjoy interviews with several industry experts where they discuss the best embroidery stabilizers and what makes them so effective.  Learn the most common embroidery stabilizer mistakes – and you will never make them!

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Learn how to make your adhesive backing tear-away embroidery stabilizers go even farther when you watch the video on maximizing your sticky backings.

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Embroidery Stabilizers Demystified is packed with easy to understand, real-world information that will help you save money.  Learn what embroidery stabilizers you should have, and what you can skip.  Avoid expensive mistakes by knowing how to stabilize something properly, the first time you embroider it!  Try new projects with confidence and the knowledge you need to make something amazing.


Icon - Check MarkBonus # 1 – How to use Puffy Foam.  Learn the secret to creating three-dimensional embroidery, taking your embroidery designs from great to incredible.


Icon - Check MarkBonus # 2 – Embroidery Stabilizers Quick Guide.  Print this chart and keep in handy so you know what embroidery backing to use for your next project.  Never embroidered a sweater?  No worries, just use the chart!


Icon - Check MarkBonus # 3 – Coupons and Special Offers just for you!  Request embroidery stabilizer samples today, no charge!


About Susan Ritchie -

Susan Ritchie is a professional embroiderer with over 20 years of experience.  She has been helping thousands of embroiderers create excellent work since 1996, as one of the founders of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals.  In Embroidery Stabilizers Demystified, she shares her best practices, tips and secrets so that you can create gorgeous embroidery, every time.


Buy Embroidery Stabilizers Demystified NOW – you will be ready to tackle any embroidery project that you want.  Never worry again when it is a material that you have not worked with – simply use the information in this guide and create incredible embroidery!  Say YES to every embroidery project, because now you can!


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